Been a while.

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My Life:

Single now, pretty sad about it, a lot has happened since my last post. I’m doing alright over it, trying to talk to some new people, not sure if im doin the right things, just doin it my way and letting things go how they go. still dealin with a bunch of stress with other things as well, just like everyone else still stressing about money, and how expensive things are. gotta deal with it right? yawp.

There is one person standing out right now for me, and im trying, we’ll see how everything goes.

My Car:

My car is yet again in the shop, Limitless Motorsports, going through a BHG, infamous issue with my Supra’s 7M Motor. Notorious for blowing its headgasket. At the same time i am also getting the timing belt & waterpump changed since their doing work on the engine. found out that i didnt have a thermostat, so getting one put in. last month i had Alex from Limitless Motorsports in San Bruno do a boost leak check and unfortunately they missed a major leak which was before the section they tested. Saying so, leads me to getting a new Intercooler w/ all aluminium piping.

all in all im lookin at about 2grand for repairs and labor. DEBT. sigh.

Other Things Noted:

Planning March Road Trip  25-29th – Cousin Jenelle, SoCal Supra Irvine Meet, LA Friends Catch up.

not sure what else is goin on. ill try n keep this more updated tho.



First Post

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Hey Everyone. Just testing this out.

-Was pretty boring at work. We have a new full-timer there now, his name is Arturo, strange name for a filipino but he’s pretty cool.

-Thought id be towing my parts car back to my house today, turns out that none of the guys i’ve been contacting wasn’t able to get to the shop. So ill have to do it tomorrow.

-Jury duty, Redwood City, CA ; what a drag… first time going for jury duty.

-Pick up my car. It’s gonna be all janky cause its gonna have 2 stock rims and 2 aftermarket. will have to load pics when i get the car. But thank you Limitless Motors for working on my car.